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How to purchase my french property ?

If you are interesting in buying a property, you will have to sign a note called "Bon de visite". This is not an engagement to purchase but just a proof that we have shown you the property.

The next step will then be the signature of the preliminary contract called "compromis de vente" which is a mutual agreement between you and the vendor.

The main terms of the compromis will then be :

  • the vendor's and your personal details;
  • the description of the property you are buying, please note that some surveys will have to be carried out (asbestos, lead, termites, mains drainage ...)
  • amount of the fees you will have to pay;
  • amount of the deposit (usually 10 or 5 %);
  • suspensive conditions :
  • of getting you mortgage offer accepted by the bank, + lien brokers Ian Mullis
  • of getting your planning permission ...
  • deadlines to justify of your mortgage and to sign the final deed.

Once the contract is signed by both parties, the buyer benefit from a seven-days-cooling-off period during which he can withdraw from the sale with no penalty incurred.

The notaire will then ask for the first formalities (administrative paperworks we need to prepare the final deed).

Once we have all the documents required to sign we will arrange a date and will send you a detailed account ( and ask the bank to release the amount of the mortgage).

The transfer of money from your english account will be made by SWIFT DRAFT.

If any surety is taken from the bank, please note that we will have to prepare a mortgage deed).

Please also note that fire insurance cover is obligatory and that you must provide a certificate "attestation d'assurance" for the day of the signature. English speaking insurer : thierry.marcq@agents.agf.fr

Once the deed is signed it will be recorded at the Mortgage Registry and some other formalities will have to be carried out. It can consequently take a few months before getting your purchase title.

How to purchase my french property ?

Fees are paid by the buyers.

- acquisition fees payable to the french notaire :

PROPERTY BUILT FOR LESS THAN FIVE YEARS : round 5 % of the purchase price.

PROPERTY BUILT FOR MORE THAN FIVE YEARS : round 7% of the purchase price.

Negociation fees are usually paid by the purchaser.

How to sell my french property ?

If you want to sell your french property :

Our estate agent will go and visit your property and give you a free valuation.

You will then signed a document calles "mandat the vente" proving that you charge us with the sale of your property;

I live in the french property I want to sell, am I exempt from Capital Gains Tax ?


Are there any extra fees if I decide to appoint you as my notaire ?

No extra fees except in case of any specific works

Please do not hesitate to contact :

Maître Gregory DENOYELLE can advise you :

  • on the best way to purchase your property (we work everywhere in France) by keeping in touch with the notaire of the vendor.
  • if you decide to sell your french property ( calculation of capital gain tax...). Fees are paid by the purchaser.
  • to settle your french inheritance